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THIS is from The Hot Yoga House blog I wrote back in 2010! It is 8 years later

(yes david and I are still celebrating, but it's all just as true today!)

Lessons Learned from a Clock
I was asked to put this on the blog and I had to laugh because I am such a horrible writer, I write like I talk so it gets a little "wordy" (no comments) but it was something I mentioned in class during your final savasana...maybe you can relate..maybe it will mean something to you...if so I am glad and if not I'm still glad!

I celebrated my 15th wedding anniversary this week and did you know that it's the year of the "clock"?! You know that thing that Hallmark probably came up with I'm not sure but each year there's a special gift....your 1st anniverary is PAPER...your 5th anniversary is WOOD?....25th anniversary SILVER...and 50th anniversary of course your GOLDEN!

How in the world do people come up with these? It got me really thinking...Hummm....1st anniversary okay PAPER? Maybe to write down all those blissful wonderful things to each other because heck it's your 1st year of marriage and you are still in that in love stage that the other can do no wrong...RIGHT!

And maybe I get your 50th and why it's GOLDEN..Gold is a precious metal, something refined, smooth all those rough ages are soft, worn and comfortable...I can get GOLDEN! But really 15 years is a CLOCK? What's up with that?

Well maybe because at 15 years it's not been THAT long since you've been a newlywed. You can still remember how sweet things were, marriage is still young, maybe your just getting settled in. But yet it's been long enough where maybe you are looking into your future, retirement or maybe you have kids and they are getting older so you can start to see life as a "couple" again.

SO maybe that's where this CLOCK comes in....it reminds you to be in the PRESENT....stop looking back, you can't change it, it's shaped you into who you are as a person and a couple, and stop looking into the future, it will happen EXACTLY how it's suppose to happen so don't rush it..enjoy the PRESENT...a CLOCK...TIME...BE IN THE MOMENT!

Yep I don't know if time on the mat has taught me to live in the moment or if at times I've been so busy looking back and waiting for the future that I forgot the MOMENT! Maybe we all need a big clock that just states "It's Your Time".


You are exactly where you are suppose to be so be in it!

Give a clock...slow down...Love life....Breathe

I'd love to hear from you....share your ideas/thoughts....blessings to each of you!

From 2015

(the last "official" Hot Yoga House newsletter)

If you've been around the House this time of year you will hear me say this is my FAVORITE holiday. Its just before the hustle and bustle of Christmas,  there's no expectations of gifts, its just a time to be with family and give THANKS. I find it the  "perfect" time to say THANK YOU and to share news with my House family. I hope you will read this email in which the spirit it is written. It will be full of typos and grammatically incorrect (sorry Jessica & Rose) but this author is full of flaws, so I will just share my heart.
I've told this story 100 times over the past 7 years, but it's the truth. My husband said I opened the studio for more friends AND he was right. I may have opened for more friends BUT I ended up with so much more! I have a HouseFULL of FAMILY. We've had 7 YEARS of graduations, births, deaths, engagements, break-ups, weddings, parties, BAD karoke, tears of sadness and joy together. We have written a beautiful story and now it's time for the next chapter. 

With tears rolling down my face, I have to let you know I will be closing the doors of Hot Yoga House next Sunday, November 29th. This has been one of the most difficult things I have ever done, it hasn't come without a lot of prayer and meditation. It has always been my intention to lead with my heart and to always think of each of you, and that's what I am going to try to do in this "letter". Allow me to tell you what I am most THANKFUL for.....

I am thankful for the childhood friend who owns the building that we have called Hot Yoga House. He let us love on "her" with some paint, new walls, let us remove walls and add a little heat. We didn't notice her flaws because we love her, that's what families do. She now is in need of some serious repairs and they are simply beyond what this "yoga" teacher knows how to fix. For that I am sorry. But I will be forever thankful he rented out his "house"

to make our yoga hOMe.

I am thankful for my teachers who have come and gone and shared their passion with us thru the years. We've watched them grow up right in front of our eyes and "mats". And I am hopeful they will allow me to continue to watch and learn from them. 
I am thankful that you came thru my doors. I have tried to know each of you, to know something about you, for it to be personal, you've never been just a name to me. You've meant SO much more. Thank you for letting me "in" your book of life.
I am thankful that you loved me and my family. You've listened to stories and maybe even laughed a little at getting to know the Parrish's. Thank you for helping a little girl grow up in that corner thru the years, you helped her find a little "yoga" even far away from hOMe. I am thankful that you helped me navigate the teenage years and now thru those young adult times. I am thankful for my mom, she taught me how to get my hands dirty and to work hard. She also spent many hours here, cutting shrubs, staining the front door and sanding the floors. My  mother also taught me how to wash a load of laundry or two. I am thankful for my in laws who have loved me as if I were there own. My father in law has nicknames for all my kids, "Slim pickings", "Little sugar", "Storm". Mine was cute for a while "too busy", but recently I've realized my nickname has become truth. It's my turn to not be "too busy" for them. They have given me so much, it's my turn to give back and to be there for them.
I am thankful for my husband, David. He has been a rock, gardner, painter, laundry man, prayer warrior (not to be confused with a warrior we do in class because he doesn't like the heat), accountant, bartender, plumber and EVERYTHING else you can possibly imagine. He has been with you at every single class, he has prayed for each of you and feels like he knows all of you by name. I am thankful he loved me and supported me thru the years. I am thankful for Zack, my oldest son, who did laundry (on occasion), who gave me countless stories to learn from and taught me that you can love someone even though you don't "see" them all the time. I am thankful for Luke, my youngest son, who came and GOT the laundry (do you see a pattern with laundry) for turning the heat on or off, for checking on things when I couldn't. I am thankful he is super dependable or we would have had some cold classes during the winters. I am thankful for Mary, my daughter, who decided one Saturday to start yoga (what was she thinking to start at a Sweat N Chill class). I am thankful she listened to my stories, for making  playlists, and guess what...she did ALOT of laundry, and she folded too!
I could go on and on (you know it's true) but then it makes all this "sad" and that's not my intention. I want you to be thankful as you read this. Celebrate that we had a little place we could call hOMe, a place where YOU  took the steps towards stillness, towards learning, to getting comfortable with the uncomfortable. Remember YOU are doing all the work, I simply held the safe space for you. I know you will find that safety outside of this House, it will look different, it may even feel different, but remember it's all a practice. (you know that two different side thing we talk about in class).
I know you will have lots of questions and I am happy to answer them. I am here to help, to be a friend, to love on you, because that's what you've done for me. I am sorry if this email catches you off guard, you can EXHALE now....inhale...and repeat.
I don't know what the future holds, I will miss seeing your faces each day and I will miss leading your beautiful spirits but this "House" chapter must come to an end. There will be other stories written and I hope I can be a part of them. Our love and passion for this whole "mat" thing has planted and watered many seeds over the years, now we just be still, listen and watch what grows.
SO in THIS season of Thanksgiving come to class , we can grieve, mourn, share stories and laugh ALOT together. I will see you in class.

I love you all, I really mean that! Thank YOU for calling The House hOMe!

PS I probably am NOT going to miss laundry, but I will miss placing those washcloths on your sweet faces.
With all my love, soul and flaws Misty

I thought I'd share something that "Little" Melanie wrote TO the House.
Melanie was Mary's age (my daughter) ,when she took her first class when I was at another studio, she's the one in the pictures at the studio, the young lady that helped make the House hOme.

When I started my journey with misty I didn't know myself.  I was incredibly lost to who I thought I was and should be. The only thing I was certain of was that I needed to change somehow and up until that point my life had been so predetermined that when things didn't go according to plan it felt like I had lost everything, that I had lost myself. 

But in the bowels of a cold January morning I found something making my way haphazardly on my mat in the center of a dark rubber floored room.  I didn't know what it was or what to call it only that it was safe. That safely turned to consistency and that consistency was outside the whirlpool of everything I thought I could control but adulthood was proving otherwise. Maybe this was really my first step realizing that I never lost everything. I never could lose everything. Because no matter how much of myself I thought I lost I was still there. I always had me. 

So I showed up the only way I knew how. And I followed the words of this tall, blond, gregarious and loving woman through a flow of consistency-- as we did back in those days. Pranayama. Standing Asana. Sitting asana. Shavasana. I repeated. 

And day after day I was shifting until suddenly I was the tall woman leading that hour and a half journey-- because as we all know when misty asks you a question and you don't say no fast enough suddenly you're thrown into the fire to find possibilities you never imagined. 

And then it was two tall birds in the studio. But like any good Hollywood story the journey never really ends. The two birds fell from the nest, homeless and heartbroken but connected over something deeper. One spread her wings because I was too afraid to and she found another nest to call home. 

Where I was afraid to fly she was afraid to soar. But somehow together we could both believe-- we could both believe that this house was more than a home. We could both believe that there was more to our own journeys than that silly little mat in a little square room with a boring old script. 

We got out of our own ways. We painted the walls, stamped the bathroom, hung a few photos, swept the spiders into the back closet (Jessica your clothes will be kept company) and opened the doors hoping that what we brought was enough, that who we were was enough, that the vision we had would hold true and attract the love and community we wanted to create. 

My own journey took me around the world as I fought to find more of myself, to find what I could only find within myself but was too naive and rebellious to admit. But no matter where I was, what language I was surrounded by, what wilderness was in my backyard, there was a house back home. I think in my heart I always knew there was a home created and cultivated out of pure authentic love, a placed I could always go back to for a hug or dream about in the moments I found myself lost again. What a beautiful metaphor it has become. 

Every couple of years I made a pilgrimage, each time finding more of what I had left behind. Lives lost, lives brought into the world, love and marriages, deep friendships, and a community who also could see beyond the mat to the joy of this place called home. In this little town in the middle of Tennessee was a piece of my heart. 

I'm sitting here on a packed train, tears streaming down my face thinking of how beautiful you all are right now. And at a different moment in time, across the country somehow I feel there with you. And that is what it all was about. That's what it's all ever been about. Misty I love you with all my heart. House I love you with all my self. And each and every one of you, if we've met on the mat or never at all, I love you with all of my soul. No matter where your next journey takes you I hope this house has been more to you than it has to me. Because if it has what you take with out outside is the most blessed, eternal vision beyond my own imagination. 

Love little (but really taller) Melanie.