I am still in awe at what is happening at the new House. Every day when I pull up to teach, practice OR just to SIT in this space I have tears. It's the oddest thing, I KNOW (but really would you expect anything different?). I truly just love being here with each of you, I am honored that I get to talk to you, to share with you, to watch transformations, to just be a part of your lives. Our new hOMe has been so welcoming to our newest "house yogis", I hear it each time I am there about how much someone new has felt like part of this community, and truly that is what it is. YES, all we do is unroll a sticky mat, and then we move thru some asana (poses) and then we meditate (sit quietly) together....THAT is IT....THAT is what makes a community. Knowing that even if you don't know the person right next to you, YOU have a connection with each one of them and they have have a shared energy with YOU! People are craving that in our society right now, and here you have created that. Invite your family and friends, heck ask a stranger to come to yoga....if that is scary...than just say come to a community meeting with me haha. (depending on the evening that could mean just about anything at the House)We have so many things changing and exciting here, you have every opportunity to grow your community.

WE have morning classes beginning after Labor Day....we have evening class times that are changing...we have a wonderful posture clinic coming to our regular schedule...and some speciality classes/workshops. We have a senior/chair yoga class coming on Monday mornings....YES a chair/senior yoga class....we want people to know YOGA HOUSE is for everyone! Your hOMe for OM!

Make sure you always check PunchPass for our class times/descriptions and to sign up when you can.

*Sunday 9:00 am classes are getting full so please sign up on line if possible!

**Posture Clinic will be held 2nd Saturday of each month beginning September 9th at 12:00

This is a great class to go over some of our main asanas (poses) that we do in class. It's a time to ask questions, it's non-heated, we will work on modifications and you can get some great handouts ha, ha. Seriously we are happy to offer this so that you find YOUR perfect place on the mat. New yogis and experienced, $20 and you must register online

***Private yoga classes $50/Hour
Ya'll know I love meeting you where you are on the mat and I know that sometimes thats hard when you are in a group setting. Sometimes you need a little more, a little more attention, a little more direction or just a little more quiet time. Schedule a private yoga session with myself or Rose, we are here to help ALWAYS! PS I have a couple people that are taking regular private sessions with me and they are saying things like "I've never been more relaxed at work", "I am sleeping SO much better", "My husband says I am so much happier".  Just schedule a session and see how you feel!

Thank You Thank You Thank you from ALL my heart. I am SO glad you are here!

Yoga House, your hOMe for OM!